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Lover of all things Cookie!

I started out many years ago making and decorating birthday cakes for my daughters when they were young, which eventually evolved into decorating cookies.  I decided that - "If you mess up a cake, it's a big deal...if you mess up a cookie, someone will eat it!"  

I am a lifelong baker, and studied art before switching my degree to Human Resource Management. I have been in Human Resources for over 20 years, and also hold a Master's Degree in Adult and Continuing Education.  

In 2018 I decided to merge my love of training and development with my love for decorating cookies - and am one happy girl!!  

Since that time I have had the tremendous honor  of being selected as a Core Instructor at CookieCon 2019, in Reno, NV - and had one of the best cookie week's of my life!  Talk about a dream come true!!  Soooo many wonderful new cookie friends....I loved it all.  

In 2020, I was selected as an Add-On Instructor for CookieCon in Louisville, taught in Orlando and Dallas in 2021, and Reno again in 2022.  I am so grateful for being able to teach at these CookieCon events and look forward to the next one!  

I have taught and/or demoed at several other events and in a variety of locations, including Austin, Tampa Bay, Nashville, St. Louis, Atlanta, Miami, Fort Wayne, and more....and had the awesome opportunity to teach on the Cookie Rehab AhoyII Retreat hosted by Ginny Levack of Creative Cookier - a Royal Caribbean cruise that was phenomenal. 

Since that time - and we have all been through a lot the last couple of years...I have been a part of several Cookie-A-Thon's provided by The Colorful Cookie!  If you don't know about Cookie-A-Thon, just ask me - it's an amazing online event full of tutorials and demos provided by a plethora of Cookie Artists .  I have provided online demos, private online classes, and well, really anyway to keep cookieing through all the craziness.  

I am looking forward to 2023, and offering in person classes again as well as teaching around the country.  

I'm also planning on adding video tutorials to my site, as well as offering some local pop-ups this summer.  Check back when you can to see what's new.  

Cookie dreams are real people!! :) 

A little bit of Sugar makes everything better,


Always feel free to email me at:

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